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The BS We Feed Ourselves

Sep 30, 2019

Summary: Grace McCalmon is certified nutritional therapist and health and wellness digital marketing creative at Bonafide Provisions, a Pasture-Raised Bone Broth company. She’s the first person who helped me discover my autoimmune issues. Now, she’s struggling to discover if everything she’s believed in, that’s...

Sep 29, 2019


V Capaldi is a TEDx Speaker and business builder living with both autoimmune disease Multiple sclerosis and Epstein-Barr.  She became a millionaire by age 30 and then lost it all due her diagnosis and treatments. She says for her “MS” also means “Marriage Sickness” and believes that she can’t be both...

Sep 20, 2019

Why do we keep pushing ourselves when we know it makes us sick? Why do we value others’ opinions more than what our own bodies tell us? Why do we give our negative thoughts so much power over our quality of life?

This is the BS We Feed Ourselves. And it’s literally killing us. But there is a way out of this painful...